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Live Fast Live Young: Why I’m Knocking Out My Bucket List Early

Live Fast Live Young: Why I'm Knocking Out My Bucket List Early

I travel a lot. I quit my job if I’m unhappy. I make snap decisions because I don’t like to waste my time.

I’m realizing as I get older just how much energy I’m losing every year. I know that once I start building a family, I’m not going to have the ability (or the vitality) to road trip through New Zealand or blow off work for The Ellen Show. That’s why I’m tackling my bucket list in my twenties.

I understand that I’m approaching life in a somewhat irresponsible way. Trust me, my thoughts are constantly battling questions like “Should I be saving for retirement?” or “What if I miss out on a huge career opportunity because I decided to take on a Scandinavian winter?”

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How to Start Your Journalism Career After College

How To Start Your Journalism Career After College

I am nowhere near an award-winning journalist, but I’ve come a long way from the girl whose college professor said word-for-word “I would never hire you.”

Granted, I skipped a lot of class and half-assed my homework assignments… But come on, I was 18. Give me a break.

Now, I’m writing for Locale Magazine and get all the perks of a journalist like free concert tickets, dinners, and hotel rooms in exchange for an article reviewing the product, band, or location. Once you establish a name for yourself in the writing world, businesses will gladly treat you like royalty because they understand the weight of your opinion.

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Nice Girls Finish Last in a Sprint but First in a Marathon

Nice Girls Finish First In A Sprint, But Last In A Marathon

For the longest time, I put myself first, even if it meant hurting people along the way. My lack of consideration and egotistical actions gave me small wins every once in a while, but it was as if I was walking in massive circles, not realizing it was getting me nowhere.

As the years have passed, I’ve noticed that nice girls may finish last in a sprint, but they always win in the long run.

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The Girl With Endless Personalities: Am I Adaptable Or Just Batsh!t Crazy?

The girl with endless personalities: Am I adaptable or just batsh!t crazy?

Whenever I’m approached with the job interview question “What are your positive characteristics?”, I always include the word “adaptable”.

Since I can remember, I have been part of many different friend groups. The dancers, the jocks, the drama kids, the surfer dudes… I would float around and whenever I got sick of one group, I would just scoot over to the next lunch table.

This is how I would describe my social life now. It’s like a hodge podge of random people with all types of different hobbies, careers, and personalities. Some I met while playing flag football, some I met from past romances, some I literally met from Craigslist but that is an entirely different tale. Basically, no two friends are the same.

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My Experience As An Audience Member On The Ellen Show

My Experience As An Audience Member On The Ellen Show

When my friend Sam texted me asking if I would like to attend The Ellen Show, I almost peed my pants. I had grown up watching Ellen Degeneres and it had been my dream to see a live taping. Every day after school, I would immediately run into the house, switch on the TV, and watch as Ellen and her guests played funny games and gave out amazing prizes to surprised guests.

So, I cancelled all my plans for Monday, October 16th and started mentally preparing. 

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  • Dk who this is but happy Thanksgiving from Copenhagen!!
  • Bell sleeves are so hot right now.
  • Booth babes unite @rubyykeys
  • My boo @nahkobear will be playing in LA and Solana Beach this weekend so here is a very high quality video of me singing one of my fave songs. If you don't go to his show, you're an imbecile. @nahko_and_mftp
  • When I'm old and gray, this is what I'll say when I look back on my life. ❤️
  • Got to kick it with @thebrummies before their show at @houseofbluesanaheim. Thank you @ayebeapirate for your wonderful photography skills once again!