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5 Ways To Become A Leader In The Office (Even If You’re The Youngest)

5 Ways To Become A Leader In The Office (Even If You're The Youngest)

It’s easy to get lost in the crowd at your company, especially when you’re fresh out of college. Over the years, I’ve noticed what gets you promoted and what gets you the boot. Here are some ways you can climb the corporate ladder and become a millennial leader.

1. Determine your strengths
Have you ever taken a personality test to find out what your strengths are? Check out the Good&Co app for awesome quizzes designed to help you advance in your career! Once you discover what you’re good at, you can hone in on those strengths and delegate other tasks to the interns. 😉

2. Get to know your coworkers
Don’t treat career advancement and promotions as a competition. This only pushes people away and makes you an enemy among your coworkers. Instead, treat your coworkers with compassion and generosity. Ask about their families, help them out with projects, and maybe bring in donuts every once in a while. This isn’t The Bachelor, you DID come here to make friends.

3. Participate in the discussion
Don’t just sit there with your Facebook page open during meetings. Take notes and contribute to the conversation. If you don’t understand what is being discussed, speak up! You won’t look stupid. You’ll come off as interested and curious. Or, you could take Sarah Cooper’s advice and just ask “will it scale” at anytime during the meeting.

4. Be honest with your boss
Is someone in the office creating a bad environment? Have you come up with a more productive process of how ish gets done? Bring it to the man in the corner office! Most of the time, your superior will appreciate the feedback and it will establish your credibility within the company. Just make sure that 1) The subject is important enough and 2) Your boss is free. Don’t barge into his or her office demanding a new pack of Post-its during a meeting with potential investors. Know your audience, dude.

5. Demonstrate commitment
In the beginning, demonstrating your commitment is crucial when making a name for yourself. If you need to arrive early and stay late, do it. Showing up to every meeting prepared, motivating fellow coworkers, and improving operations are also great ways to shine in your new workplace.

To learn more about becoming a leader, make sure to check out the Good&Co app and take your first quiz in order to receive your Strengths card! Good&Co will also will also help you out with:
• finding workplace happiness
• finding a career that you love
• learning how to succeed in your career
• learning how to communicate effectively with other personalities in the office

If you want to become a leader in your twenties, it’s time you start acting like a leader! Don’t use the excuses “I’m too young” or “I’m the new guy”. Start making a name for yourself right off the bat and make sure NO ONE forgets who you are.


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  • Razena

    This is really good advice and young people in the workplace can definitely benefit from following it.

    • Caroline

      Thank you! Glad you found it helpful. 🙂

  • Charlene

    Great points! So many of us would be better all around employees if we just followed a few of these!

    • Caroline

      I agree, Charlene! It can be so difficult to implement these steps but it’s so important!

  • Kerry May

    Some great tips. I’m a middle leader, but may move in to upper middle soon, so thank you for the advice xx

    • Caroline

      Rooting for you Kerry! 🙂

  • Patricia

    Good advice! I’ll be looking into your blog more!

    • Caroline

      Thank you Patricia!

  • Larissa

    This is a great article! Not only does it cover an important topic, but it does so in a humorous way! “This isn’t the Bachelor…you DID come here to make friends.” That part made me laugh! These are great tips, and I plan to utilize them ASAP. I need to go check out that app!

    • Caroline

      Thank you Larissa! Definitely check out Good&Co. It’s addicting!

  • Michaela @ Wild & Precious

    This is a really helpful overview, and I love that you began with an honest assessment of personal strengths. Such an important step, and yet so often we gloss right over it in our professional roles!

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