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6 Reasons to Join a Church in Your Twenties

Millennial Religion

I realize this post might not be for everyone but, after this weekend, I recognized how much easier my millennial life has been since joining the church. The guidance I’ve received from above has given me more confidence in my decisions and the direction of my life is becoming clearer every day. I used to think I wasn’t worthy of Christianity because I cuss like a sailor and drink (wine) like a fish. But the best part is, NONE OF THAT MATTERS. The pastors at Rock Harbor are constantly reminding us to come as we are and, as a 25-year-old, that feels pretty amazing.

Here are some reasons why the right church will change your twenty-something life:

1. Sense of community

On Saturday night during our church retreat, the pastor spoke about the Holy Spirit and how you feel when God shows up in your body. He then gave us the opportunity to feel what that was like by praying over us while gentle music was playing in the background. Almost immediately, everyone in the room was crying and holding each other. It was incredible. People who had never met had their arms around each other like they had been friends for years. Nothing brings lost souls together like the power of Jesus.

2. Deeper connection

It’s SO refreshing to have conversations outside of a bar setting. I can already tell that the friends I’ve made through Rock Harbor Church will last a lifetime. When you challenge each other and discuss other things besides the label on your skirt or where to find the cheapest pizza at 2 a.m., a deeper connection develops. My cabin mates and I stayed up late talking about the relationships in our lives, how God has shown up for us, and we even exchanged book recommendations for our individual situations. There were no judgments and no competition. Just 5 girls who genuinely cared for one another.

3. Free events

Do you realize how many events your church puts on? Every Tuesday I attend the Alpha program at Rock Harbor and I receive a free meal, awesome conversations, and budding friendships. All FO FREE. There are also men’s bbq’s, childcare, singles meetups, educational courses, and so much more that are simply donation based.

4. Cute guys

Ok I had to mention this because even if this is the ONLY reason you go to church this weekend, that is fine by me. Just get there!!

5. Live music

Dude you basically get a free concert every Sunday. If you’re a music lover like me, this is a MAJOR perk. The band at Rock Harbor is unbelievably talented and I am moved to tears every time they play a song.

6. GOD

Last and most importantly, the main reason to attend church is God. Your twenties can be a confusing and lonely time in your life. You need the support to help you stand up when you fall, hold you when you’re sad, and love you when you make mistakes. Your boyfriend, parents, or boss will NEVER be able to offer you the kind of relationship that God will. He is there for you no matter what and the sooner you build a relationship with him, the happier you will be.

So get your butt to church on Sunday. God doesn’t care if you’re hungover or tired. He just wants to hang out with you. If you have trouble finding a church you can connect with, just do some research! When I first began exploring my faith, I literally searched yelp for “best churches near me.” After attending three different services, I finally stumbled on Rock Harbor and found myself at home. If you need suggestions, feel free to ask me! I am always here for you.

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