Hey Y’all! Caroline here.

Caroline Thompson the Millenial Life Coach

I am SUPER excited you’re here! If you’ve landed on this blog, that means you’re ready to leave your dull, uncertain life behind and begin moving towards an exciting new journey. But before we begin,

Allow me to first introduce myself.

My name is Caroline Thompson and I am from sweet home Alabama. I attended the University of Alabama with a major in Journalism and a minor in partying. That “career path” led me down some DARK roads and, until I was thrown out of a car at 100 mph, I could not get my shit together. After that wake-up call, I realized that God kept me alive for a reason.

Even though I was born and raised in the south, I decided to move to California two years ago to do some soul searching. I had NO plan and NO idea what I wanted to do, but I KNEW that staying in Alabama wasn’t cutting it. So I took a risk and drove 31 hours across the country with stars in my eyes.

In the past couple of years, I’ve become OBSESSED with personal development, health, and human connection. I am constantly watching TED Talks, listening to inspirational podcasts, and attending networking events in order to better myself. I’ve learned so much about myself and about other people that it truly has changed my life in a way that I never knew possible. So that is what I’ll be discussing in my posts.

I’ve been through a lot in my short 25 years and it’s helped me grow intellectually and spiritually. By writing this blog, I hope to motivate my fellow millennials to stop living stagnant lives and start doing the things they love. In my ideal world, this blog will find the right people and make some sort of difference in the way twenty-somethings approach confidence, creativity, and overall happiness.

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  • After struggling with a case of writers block, I decided to look through my book shelf for inspiration.
I have wanted to write a book since before I can remember but I've always combatted self-deprecating thoughts.
Who would read this? .
What makes you qualified? .
Who do you think you are?
But we all have to start somewhere. .
Never compare someone else's chapter twenty to your chapter one. .
  • Here's a photoshoot for you to remember me by @stevenewilcox I'll miss ya bud!
  • Had a blast representing JCAP Financial Group at the Captivate Conference this week in Vegas. Such a great group of people!
  • Today has been the Friday from hell.
My computer died and my charger broke right before an assignment was due. .
I've been scrambling to get ready for a conference in Vegas next week.
Delia ate my MF lunch again. .
And I had 4 Old Fashioned's last night at a friend's fashion line launch party. So I'm not feeling too hot. .
I went on a walk to try and prevent punching someone in the face and something hit me...
Why the hell am I so stressed out when our world is this beautiful?
Stop and smell the flowers, my friends. ❤️
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