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Best Blogs to Read as a Twenty Something Woman

Best Blogs to Read as a Twenty Something Woman

When I am having complete writer’s block, I usually scroll through my favorite blogs for inspiration. There are thousands of blogs out there on the interweb so it can be tough to find one that you can relate to. Here is my list of the best blogs to read as a twenty something woman:

1. Twenty Something Living

The writers over at Twenty Something Living are exactly what their tagline suggests: “Unapologetic. Raw. Real. Empowered.” Many women strive to become these things but very few actually succeed in their efforts. Lauren, Amanda, and Tiana keep it 100 in every one of their posts which makes you feel like you’re talking to your best friends. They also have a Boss Babes series that highlights badass business women which is great when you feel like having a sloth Sunday but need a swift kick in the ass.

2. Hannah L. Miller: Recent Dumpster Fires

I’ve known Hannah since my sophomore year in college, but I am not mentioning her site because she is a dear friend. She really is a fantastic writer. Every time I read her posts, I can’t help but LOL until the cows come home. Her quick wit, sassy attitude, and out-of-this-world honesty are much appreciated. I swear, the sh*t she gets herself into are so insane you can’t help but think “Is she making this trainwreck up?” Because I know her personally, I can vouch for her: No she is not making this up. It is her real life. For a rolling-around-on-the-floor laugh, read her latest post on her encounter with a black bear in Alaska.

3. The Well-Traveled Postcard

Girrrrll you know I gotta throw a travel blog up in here. The reason I love Virginia so much is because she’s not only beautiful and adventurous, she’s also extremely smart and motivated. She’s crazy athletic, working on her Master’s degree, and she travels the world. Like… Virginia, girl, when do you have time to sleep?? Ok fine, I have a huge girl crush on her and I’m not afraid to admit it. But, once you read her blog, you will fall in love too!

4. The Millennial Miss

Chelsea is one of my favorite blogs to read as a twenty something woman. Maybe I’m biased because she’s an Alabama grad and loves some Alabama football, but her content really is great. I really connected with Chelsea’s posts because of the way she gracefully moved from the south to LA – obviously I could relate. Her pictures are beautiful and lately she has been giving some heartfelt millennial relationship advice because of her upcoming wedding.

5. 20-Nothings

You may have seen Jessie Rosen on JoJo’s season of the Bachelorette, when the cast participated in Jessie’s show, Sunday Night Sex Talks. I recently took a blogging class from Jessie at Writing Pad in LA and her advice was the most helpful information I could have ever received. Although she is in her 30’s now, her blog is still one of the best blogs to read for a twenty something woman. Not only is she utterly charming and her subtle sarcasm is one for the ages, she has been in the blogging game since 2007 so she knows her sh*t.

So, when you’re not reading my blog (which you obviously are every single day), you should be checking these off your list. God forbid you do something other than watch Bachelor in Paradise for once… Ok fine, I’m guilty AF so never mind.

If you want some more in-depth reading material, check out post on The Best Books for Women Entrepreneurs in 2017.

The Best Blogs to Read as a Twenty-Something Woman

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