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Why You Should Find A Mentor In Your Twenties

Why You Should Find A Mentor In Your Twenties

Two years ago, I was a totally different person. I had just graduated college, I was waiting tables, I lived with my grandparents, I was in a crappy relationship, and I had no self-confidence. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and I felt completely lost. I let my inner mean girl rule my life which held me back from pursuing any sort of progress.

So, what changed? Simple, I asked for HELP.

Life is tough. But the best part about life is you don’t have to live it alone. Whatever you’ve been through and whatever you’re struggling with, chances are there is someone who has gone through the same thing. And they survived.

Finding a mentor to guide you through the dark times is CRUCIAL at this stage in life. After I began working with my coach I made some serious changes in my life. She helped me break down barriers, set goals, and take action. The accountability she provided convinced me to stick to the plan and avoid making excuses.

Day by day I crossed items off of my to-do list until I noticed major progress in my life. In (what seemed like) the blink of an eye, I had moved across the country to California, landed a full-time job, and, most importantly, I was happy.

The quarter-life crisis is real and it can be OVERWHELMING. Up until college graduation, you pretty much have your entire life planned out for you. You wake up, go to school, take part in extracurriculars, and go to bed. But when school is over, the real world hits and you’re faced with a million different directions. Luckily, I found my “angel” early enough to save a lot of time and money on (what could have been) terrible mistakes.

If you don’t know what a mentor is, I’m going to break it down for ya.

What a mentor is NOT:

*Β Someone that tells you how to live your lifeΒ *
*Β A know-it-all aka talks more than listens *
* Negative Nancy with a bad attitude and perspective on life *
* Flaky and unreliable *
* Overly critical *

Good qualities to look for in a mentor:

* Approachable and empathetic *
* Unbiased with your best interest in mind *
* Killer confidence and positivity *
* Genuine and trustworthy *

If you’re looking for a mentor or life coach, feel free to fill out the contact form and we can set up a time to chat! In the meantime, make a list of people in your community that inspire you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them! They will be flattered, I promise.

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  • Hannah

    Way to go! Asking for help is really hard sometimes. Especially if you’re just starting out of school!

  • Yulianba

    Vey interesting article! Thank you for sharing it!

  • Chantal

    I don’t have a mentor myself, but I do have a few people in my life that I can always reach out for and get advice/motivation/etc. from. Especially if I am a bit lost they are the most precious to me! Chantal from

    • Caroline

      It’s so great having people you can lean on!

  • Dhaval

    Way to go! Asking for help is really hard sometimes. specially when we have some in critical coditions.

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