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Online Classes for Millennials

When I look back on my college days, I can’t help but smile. I met some of my closest friends, discovered my love for beer, and watched a TON of football. What I did not do, however, is care enough about school. Don’t get me wrong, I made good grades… but I didn’t appreciate a number of educational resources that were available to me.

Now that I have been out of college for three years, I have a constant craving for knowledge. I’ve downloaded language apps, attended business seminars, and read countless books. But perhaps my favorite way to exercise my mind is through online courses. Technology has been a God send for me in the education department. By taking these often free classes, I have gathered a wealth of knowledge that many people pay thousands for at a University.

Check out some of these awesome websites and get to educatin’!

  1. CreativeLive
    This is my all-time favorite education outlet. Every day, they offer 6 free, live classes that you can watch. They also offer paid content with subjects on graphic design, finance, marketing, and business. I am personally a HUGE fan of Tara Gentile. She specializes in entrepreneurship for creatives and has plenty of very informative and interesting courses. Also, if you’re a photographer, CreativeLive is a gold mine.
  2. Skillshare
    Skillshare is a new platform for me but I really like the fact that they have a 30-day free trial because I am a stingy bitch. You can save classes that you want to take under “Your Classes” and they even have workshops you can take. If you choose to pay monthly it’s only $8 a month!
  3. Coursera
    This site is really cool because the courses are taught by actual universities. Can’t afford to go to Stanford? No problem! Take classes by Ivy League professors without having to take out a loan or sell your soul! Knowing that reputable institutions are willing to produce content on Coursera gives me peace of mind. You’ll get your money’s worth here.

There are a number of similar sites out there on the interweb but these are my personal favorites. I am always looking for new ways to expand my mind and these websites have been the best resources in my field. It’s been proven that the more you grow and challenge yourself, the happier you are.

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  • Margaret

    Really interesting post. I am about to graduate college, and I know that I definitely am under appreciating the resources that I have available to me. I know since my brother has been out of college he has utilized different language learning apps like Duolingo, and I am sure I will do the same once I graduate and have an absence of new knowledge.

    • Caroline

      Yes! I used to have Duolingo but now I use Drops. I want to learn Spanish so bad but I always get so distracted with other things… I need to just stick to it!

  • nathanielle

    I love coursera. There are a lot of great courses

    • Caroline

      Right?! I find a new one every day that I want to take… I wish that was my full time job haha!

      • Kayleigh

        There’s a terrific amount of knleowdge in this article!

  • Amber

    I’ve heard some amazing things about Skillshare. I definitely want to check out the other two.

    • Caroline

      Yeah I really like that you get to take as many courses as you want for only $8 a month! I’ve been particularly interested in the classes that cover Canva tutorials because I suck at it haha.

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