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The Girl With Endless Personalities: Am I Adaptable Or Just Batsh!t Crazy?

The girl with endless personalities: Am I adaptable or just batsh!t crazy?

Whenever I’m approached with the job interview question “What are your positive characteristics?”, I always include the word “adaptable”.

Since I can remember, I have been part of many different friend groups. The dancers, the jocks, the drama kids, the surfer dudes… I would float around and whenever I got sick of one group, I would just scoot over to the next lunch table.

This is how I would describe my social life now. It’s like a hodge podge of random people with all types of different hobbies, careers, and personalities. Some I met while playing flag football, some I met from past romances, some I literally met from Craigslist but that is an entirely different tale. Basically, no two friends are the same.

I have always been very proud of this characteristic. I thought “damn I can get along with anyone!” But recently, I’ve been questioning my authenticity… Am I just a big phony?

In certain friend groups, I’m the self-deprecating, humorous friend who serves up negativity with a side of witty sarcasm. In another friend group, I’m the hippie, wild child that says and does whatever the hell she wants with no regard for consequences. With an entirely different group of people, I’m the Jesus loving, deeply rooted, has-it-all-together girl. Ok, I doubt anyone thinks I have it all together but you get the drill.

This has me in a full-on identity crisis.

The way I act one day is completely dependent on the movies I’m watching, the book I’m reading, or the people I’m hanging out with. I mean, you can probably tell with my blog posts. One day I’m praising the good Lawd Jesus and the next it’s “shit this” and “bitch that”…

So am I adaptable or am I schizophrenic?¬†Is this just a personality trait or is it a defense mechanism I have developed over the years? Can we ever really know our TRUE SELVES with all of the external influence we’ve been exposed to?

The girl with endless personalities

Whether you want to call me a fake or a fraud, I’m going to embrace this side of myself. It has only served me well.

Because of this attribute, I have an impressive phonebook, more clients than I know what to do with, and the resume of a 50-year-old. I can walk into a room full of strangers with my head held high. There is no conversation I can’t conquer.

I can tone down my potty mouth at church but I can crank that shit up when I’m playing poker with my guy friends. It’s really a win-win.

That is what’s so great about the world, you can be whoever you want, whenever you want.

We aren’t tied to one personality or attitude for the rest of our lives. We don’t have to be defined in a specific way or with a distinctive word. We don’t have to¬†identify with just one “voice” or “calling”.

So, I’ll go ahead and keep “adaptable” on my list of positive characteristics thank you very much.

Even if I am insane…….


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