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How To Kick Your Bad Habits To The Curb

How To Kick Your Bad Habits To The Curb

Why do we keep falling into the same bad habits?

We go after the “bad boy”, we spend a fortune on clothes we don’t need, we go out and get hammered every weekend. Even though we know it’s wrong, it’s as if we find comfort in the constant routine.

It’s true, some of us don’t know any better. We grew up watching these behaviors and normalizing them in our heads. But for the majority of us, we know what we’re doing is wrong yet we never make a change.

Well, I think I may have cracked the code on this bad habit issue. It’s taken years of practice but here are some ways I’ve been able to keep my bad habits under control:

  • Mindfulness
    Being aware of your bad habits is the first step in deleting them from your life. When you’re with that asshole of a boyfriend, take note of how you’re feeling. Do you feel beautiful? Are you anxious? What are the thoughts running through your head? By taking some time to evaluate how your body and mind are reacting to a situation, you can draw some helpful conclusions about whether or not you’re in the right place.
  • The big picture
    What are your goals for the future? Whenever I find myself missing that shitty ex of mine or craving a beer at 2:00 pm on a Wednesday, I ask myself things like “Would I really want to marry this kid? Will that beer help me finish my client’s work at my full potential?” The answer is usually no. Once I realize how detrimental these habits are to my future, it’s easy to toss them aside and keep truckin’.
  • Learn to say no
    I hate letting people down. It’s something people pleasers like me struggle with every day. But, the word “no” is CRUCIAL when you’re trying to kick a bad habit. If you’re trying to save money but your friend keeps inviting you to the mall, it can be borderline impossible to say no. But, once again, visualize that house or car you’re trying to buy and the word “no” will roll right off your tongue.

Once you notice yourself falling back into the same routine, try to remember how far you’ve come and what you’re working toward. Whether it’s a faithful marriage, a badass job in a new city, or a backpacking trip across Europe, the end result is worth it.

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1 Comment

  • Patricia

    Good ideas! I like the idea of setting attainable goals for yourself, and saying “no” to the bad habits that impede our reaching these goals.

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