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How to Value Your Time

Value your time as a millennial

One of the biggest setbacks for twenty-somethings is wasted time. Like me, you may not even realize how much time you’re actually wasting until someone or something slaps you in the face with realization…

“Have I really been watching The Office for 8 hours straight?”

If you learn to appreciate the time you have in your twenties, you’ll set yourself up for success down the road. Here are some ways to value this crucial time in your life:

1. Spend your time with people who deserve it.
Be selfish with your time. It is precious and shouldn’t be taken advantage of. If you feel like you’re surrounding yourself with negative people who put you down, you may want to reconsider your friend group. This will be difficult at first but it’s VITAL to your happiness and productivity.

2. Put down the remote and pick up a book.
This is REALLY difficult for me but I’m getting better about it. I love hilarious TV shows and I can get sucked in for hours. My advice? Try to turn off the TV and be more mindful of the tasks that you’re doing. Read some inspirational books and improve your vocabulary.

3. Don’t feel guilty for saying no.
You can’t do EVERYTHING. Sometimes you are going to let people down and that’s OK. Think of it this way: the more time you spend doing the things that you hate, the less time you spend doing the things you love.

4. Stop dwelling on the past.
It happened, get over it. This may sound harsh but, since time travel has not yet been invented, you have to move on. No matter how embarrassing, heartbreaking, or traumatic your past may be, there is nothing you can do about it. Learn from your mistakes and grow from them.

Another thing that I’ve learned to do is reflect on my week. I encourage you to get out your journal or planner every Friday and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where did I waste time this week?
  • What can I do differently?
  • What were my biggest wins?
  • When was I at my best?
  • What am I most excited about next week?

When you answer these questions, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly when and where you’re wasting time. Since I’ve incorporated this practice into my schedule, I’ve notice a HUGE improvement in my productivity and I’m POSITIVE that it will work for you too!


                                                             “If you’re not living, you’re dying.”

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  • Kasia

    This is so true. Our time is truly valuable and we should treat it as so. Now that I’m running my own business I really understand the value of time. And taking time for loved ones is also so important. Afterall, they’re all you’ve got sometimes. Thanks for the tips.

    • Caroline

      Same here! Since I have been running this blog, it has made me realize how limited my time is.

      • Rosabel

        That’s an iniengous way of thinking about it.

    • Joyelle

      Thanks for helping me to see things in a dineerfft light.

  • Kristen

    Love these tips girl! As twenty-somethings, we need to value our time and take advantage of our time to spend with loved ones. I’m definitely pinning this article to my Pinterest account to reference later too 🙂

    – Kristen

    • Caroline

      Awesome!! I’m so happy you enjoyed! Thanks for the Pinterest shoutout 😊

  • Emma

    Great tips. Learning to put these into practice!

    • Caroline

      Awesome! I’m glad you found them helpful! 🙂

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