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I Love My Phone, I Love It Not

I Love My Phone, I Love It Not

My phone is a source of joy and of utter misery in my life. I am totally dependent on it, yet I loathe it. It’s like a weight in my pocket that whispers “Hey girl, why don’t you just take a peek at Facebook? What if you miss something important? You’ll be prettier if you check Tinder.”

I don’t want to be so attached to this damn device but I literally use it for everything.

I use it to get from point A to point B, to stalk my high school crush, to screen every date I go on, to research high-brow subjects such as “Ashton Kutcher shirtless”, to lose at fantasy football, to listen to Ty Dolla $ign on repeat, to practice Spanish on the toilet, to swipe right if he has a dog, to laugh at cats that are scared of toasters, to spend way too much money on makeup I will never use, to pay overdue credit card bills for said makeup, to track my sleep habits, to stay up all night reading about sleep habits, to research the most effective sleep medications, to follow Victoria’s Secret on Instagram, to feel bad about myself, to binge watch Shameless, to feel good about myself, to pin motivational quotes that make me feel like the motherfucking Dalai Lama, and to listen to a plethora of podcasts including “My Dad Wrote a Porno“.Phones are annoying

As you can see, I am at a crossroads… How do you set boundaries with an inanimate object?

Should I just give in and let this cell phone control my life? Or should I build a tiny boat, send it out to sea, and shoot flaming arrows Game of Thrones funeral style? There HAS to be an app for that.

For now, I will drink wine and focus on my other obsession; my laptop.

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  • Manouk

    Haha, I really like your writing style! Really makes me laugh. As far as your phone goes, do whatever makes you happy! And if that’s your laptop, why not? Or just throw them out! But I wouldn’t want you to get lost so just keep the phone…

    • Caroline

      Thank you! 🙂

  • Natalie

    Ugh! I can so relate to this post! I’m another love/loathe phone person. I think the trick for me is to reduce it little by little… I don’t think I could go the whole hog! When on holiday recently one country I went to literally left me with no signal whatsoever! I was so annoyed… but after a couple of hours I found it quite liberating. When I eventually did get to go back on it that evening it was nice to actually have some good content to catch up on too.

    • Caroline

      It’s so nice when you get a break like that! I recently broke my phone and went without one for a couple of days… Didn’t hate it!

  • Katy

    I feel you! I’ve been trying to figure out how to go without mine too. My first step will be getting anotehr camera (someday). Once I’m not pulling it out to take pictures of everything, it’ll be harder to look at the other aps. I also started carrying around a paperback with me. So when I’m bored, in a waiting room, on a plane, or whatever, I’m reading a book instead of scrolling through pinterest.

    • Caroline

      Great tips! I bring a book along with me if I know I have a doctor’s appointment or something but I need to just keep one in my car for that very reason…

  • Lauren

    Hah! Love this. The struggle is real with phones for sure. I had to take all notifications off of social media on my phone so that I’m not tempted to look at it all the time. That helped a lot. 🙂

  • Tracy

    Hilarious Post!! But, so true! We have become so dependent on those darn cell phones. The funny thing is, I hate actually getting calls on my phone!

  • Candace

    haha I’d say it’s all about balance. It’s always good to unplug for at least 1 or 2 full hours. Resist the urge! haha

  • Jessica

    I guess many can relete to this!
    Just get yourself a phone that doesn’t work so well on internet, you’ll get so stressed out when pages don’t load that you’ll stop using it when outside and cut by half the time you spend on it 😀


  • Anastasia Nicole

    I am right there with you doll! I love and loathe my phone all in the same day. What really helps me is plugging it in as far way from me as possible at night.

  • Crystal

    Hahaha! I totally love this GIF! 😀 Thanks for the post!

  • Lisa Sell

    I can really relate to this. Being on our phones when with each other is a bone of contention for my husband and me. We try to have spaces of the evening away from the phones.

  • Dionna

    I am guilty of the same thing! I believe its all about balance. When you focus on your phone as your LIFE, you will innately become addicted to it and have unhealthy tendencies. But when you set boundaries with it and yourself, I believe there is a way to appreciate all of its goodness without being attached…maybe easier said than done but definitely POSSIBLE

  • Bel

    Thank you for this morning dose of laughter. It’s even more difficult for we bloggers. I have to read, like, comment, share, do threads, explore, tweet, post, edit.. It’s endless. It’s just so confusing.

    • Caroline

      Absolutely!! What I found useful is only focusing on two social media outlets for my blog… That way I don’t get sucked in and I become REALLY good at those 2 instead of just OK on 3 or 4 of them.

  • Anni

    I have very conflicted feelings toward my phone as well. Last year I got kind of sick of it and deleted all the social media apps and removed all the alerts. I’ve eased back in a little bit (I just couldn’t live without the Pinterest app!), but I still have all the alerts turned off. And I find that really helps, so the phone doesn’t interrupt me all the time if I’m trying to focus on something else.

    • Caroline

      Yes! And it’s tough because I use social media to promote my blog so I can’t delete them! I did make a promise to myself though that I will only use 2 social media outlets.

  • Clarice | Pursuing the Simple Life

    Ugh this is so me! The struggle is real. I hear so many great ideas on limiting phone time, like not after 9pm or not at the dinner table. Some of these self enforced rules seem too restricting and others not enough. It can be hard to set rules for yourself that fit your lifestyle and needs!

    • Caroline

      Totally! It’s just about finding that healthy balance… So difficult!

  • saidat

    Computer age has really got us where it wants us. One hour away from the phone seems like eternity. I am currently learning to reduce my phone usage per day. I sleep better when my phone is not with me when i go to bed.

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