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Keep Your Friends Close And Your Insecurities Closer

How To Stop Being So Insecure

This is a topic that makes most people uncomfortable. Hell, I’m fidgeting just writing about it. But, assuming that you’re also human, this is something that all millennials struggle with. Insecurities are a part of us. They’re like that one family friend that you’re forced to hang out with even though they drive you absolutely insane.

It’s taken me years to accept the things I can’t change about myself. Like the fact that my nose is too big, my face breaks out more than occasionally, and my hair is too thin for a fishtail braid. Do I like these attributes? Definitely not. But they don’t rule my life anymore.

Up until last year, I thought my flaws were under the spotlight like Christina Aguilera when she “lets herself go”. I mean, they were the first thing I noticed when I looked in the mirror, so why wouldn’t everyone else stare and point fingers?

How selfish and egotistical of me.

Time for a tough love alert: No one gives that much of a damn about you. 

When you have a big zit on your chin, the cute guy you’re chatting with isn’t thinking “damn, I wonder how long it would take me to scale that red, puss-filled mountain?” He’s thinking about his own stupid insecurities! “Is she into me? I saw her looking at that guy over there, she probably likes him. God, why did I just say that. I wonder if she can tell that I hit the gym this morning.”

People are focused on their own sh*t, not the fact that you’re sans thigh gap. And for that reason, we shouldn’t let out inner critic take over our sanity.

I’m not saying you should shoo away your insecurities because that’s just not possible. They are always going to be there, lurking in the shadows and nagging at you.

But you should learn to embrace them. I recently watched a video by Amy Young that really opened my eyes to the idea of loving your insecurities. Acknowledge that they are there and accept the beauty of being different.

Because there is no one in the world like you. You have special gifts that not one person in the ENTIRE world has. Isn’t that beautiful??

Stop beating yourself up and don’t hide who you are. Embrace your sexy, unique, badass self and walk into every room like you own the motherf*cking place.

God doesn’t make mistakes, girlfriend.

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  • Elizabeth Brico

    WOORRRRD. This post is hilarious and so very true

    • Caroline

      Thank you Elizabeth! ❤️

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