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Why Was I In Las Vegas For A Finance Conference?

Why Was I In Las Vegas For A Finance Conference?

Recently, I began working part time as the Director of Marketing for JCAP Private Lending in Newport Beach. I met Bob, the CEO, when I first moved to Orange County. He was hiring for an assistant position and, since I needed a job ASAP, I applied, even though I have no knowledge of finance whatsoever. Although I ended up accepting an offer from a digital marketing agency instead, Bob and I still kept in touch. Now, he has hired me as an independent contractor.

I’m so happy I came into contact with Bob because he has been a great mentor and I have had a blast with his company so far. Although I never thought this would be a project I would be working on, it comes with tremendous perks. One of those perks being travel.

I just got back from a conference in Las Vegas where I represented JCAP. My job was to set up and man the booth while networking and talking up the ever-so-amazing Bob. Let me tell you right now, I know little-to-nothing about private lending so I was completely in over my head. I was getting asked questions that I had no idea about but, luckily, everyone was extremely kind and understanding.

We stayed at The Cosmopolitan which was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I’m so used to staying in shitty hostels and run-down Airbnb’s that this was like a dream. The modern decor and luxurious restaurants made me feel like I was the Cinderella of the lending business.

Speaking of the lending business, these folks can PARTY. The alcohol was flowing and I had an amazing time meeting everyone at the convention. I was one of the only women at the conference so it’s safe to say that the odds were in my favor. 😉 Sure, there were some total douchers, but what business doesn’t have those?

It’s great working for a small business like this because there is so much room for creativity and education. I have learned so much about digital marketing AND California real estate that will help me in the long run. I also get to stay in 5 star hotels, make hundreds of new friends, and take part in entertaining networking events like the one at Top Golf. I have plenty more conferences coming up in San Diego, LA, and another in Vegas so I am taking full advantage of this opportunity!

Why Was I In Las Vegas For A Finance Conference?

So, if you find yourself dreaming of working for a big company as a writer or marketer, think twice before you apply. I love handling the marketing efforts of smaller companies because I can take risks and implement strategies however I want. Most of these small business owners are completely oblivious when it comes to digital marketing so I can be as creative as I want. Also, don’t turn down a job just because it seems out of your “specialty” or “niche”. So far, the best clients I’ve worked with are in the finance and medical fields, which are subjects that I would never have considered two years ago.

To sum it all up: keep an open mind and explore your options. Have fun with your marketing or writing career and don’t get caught up in making a big name for yourself. Try new things and ABL (always be learning).

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