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What I Learned From Watching 13 Reasons Why

What I Learned From 13 Reasons Why

High school can be a real bitch. Even though there are hundreds of people around you, you’ve never felt so alone. Everything matters. The length of your skirt, what kind of shoes you’re wearing, how you walk, talk, and laugh. It’s insane. One wrong move and you’re as good as dead.

Watching 13 Reasons Why brought back some scary memories. Guys that were a year older than me telling me to kill myself on Facebook, crying in my Spanish teacher’s classroom before school, telling my therapist I couldn’t live like this anymore… I look back on my younger self and my heart sinks. What if I was pushed to the edge? What would’ve been the “last straw”?

If you knew me back then you wouldn’t have recognized the pain I was in. I always had a smile on my face and a joke in my mouth. I acted like the rumors didn’t bother me but on the inside I was screaming for help.

I don’t tell you this to pity me. I tell you this as a warning. It’s so important to keep your eyes open and to pay attention. Don’t brush off bullying like it’s no big deal. It’s a big fucking deal.

I was on the other side too, ya know… I was the bully in some circumstances and I try to make up for it every day. I pushed people around and made them feel insecure about themselves. I mean, I couldn’t be the only miserable one right? I want to believe I’m a better person these days. I smile at strangers, I give to charities, I have friends from all different backgrounds. But I still make mistakes. I talk shit, I judge others, and I hold grudges but watching 13 Reasons Why brought all of this to light.

We’re not perfect but this isn’t an excuse to have a mean-spirited soul. You never know what someone is going through. You never know how much a simple “hello” could mean to a random person. You’re no better than anyone else and no one is better than you. God made us EQUALLY in his image. You don’t get a gold star because you drive a Ferrari and have perfectly straight teeth. You’re just like everyone else.

So follow the golden rule and be the reason why someone chooses to live today. You have NO IDEA what your kindness could mean to the world in this moment.


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  • Patricia

    I agree! When I was in school, I was fodder for many bullies. I was never invited to the big parties and had few friends. I just finished watching the movie, “I Am Not Ashamed,” which is about the life of Columbine martyr Rachel Joy Scott and one of my heroes to this day. I never want someone to feel like they should kill themselves because they didn’t feel loved or cared about by anyone, including and especially by me. I want to change the world by striving to be kind to everyone I meet. Of course, there are times when I fail (because no one is perfect) but your post is a good reminder to me and everyone else that we need to be kind even when we don’t agree with their lifestyle choices or if they don’t like us, because we never know what others are going through!

    • Caroline

      Thank you so much for sharing Patricia!

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Lately I haven't been able to sleep because I start thinking things like "I won't get everything done tomorrow" or "I'm not good enough". .
The enemy tells us lies that only the Lord can protect us from. 🙌🏻
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  • I struggle with this sometimes
I tend to get caught up in what people want to hear instead of what people need to hear.
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