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A Letter to My Fellow Millennials

traveling as a millenial

In today’s world, life as a twenty-something millennial is a lot like wandering around in the dark with no shoes on. Stubbing your toes and all. We reach our hands out trying to grasp something that will keep us from falling, but then we just end up tripping over the half-unpacked duffle bag from Mammoth weekend.

We want to do it all. We want to travel, start a business, design jewelry, study marine biology, and rock climb professionally all at the same time. Some people call it ADHD, but we call it multi-passionate. And there is nothing wrong with that.

We were raised by our parents telling us that we need to finish college in 4 years, get a traditional 9-5 job, and suck it up. Little did they know that we would be the revolutionaries.

We’ve created a movement that has reshaped the concept of a “career.” Sticking to a corporate job for 30-40 years is unheard of these days. We refuse to settle so we bounce around until we find something we truly love.

Speaking of love, relationships are more complicated than ever. We hide behind our phone and computer screens, while communicating with a plethora of emojis. Speaking up about how you feel is considered “weak” and “desperate” when, in the olden days, it was described as romantic. Frat guys post shirtless mirror pics to make themselves seem less insecure and girls upload 50000 photos with dudes they don’t know in order to make their ex jealous.

I always laugh when parents say things like, “I didn’t grow up with texting and Facebook so I don’t know.” To that I say, “No you really don’t.”

Technology has completely altered our reality. You’re only as attractive as the amount of likes you get on Instagram, at least that’s what our ego tells us. We compare our lives with everyone else. “She has more money than I do, he is smarter than I am, she is SO much more courageous.”

But, in a sense, technology has allowed us to press pause on procreation and play on discovery.

In exchange for marriage and children, we opt in for exploration. Travel has become a favorite pastime of our generation. We want to expand our minds and learn about different cultures. We want to break free from the traditional American chains and lay new ground intellectually and spiritually.

We live in the here and now, not thinking of the consequences. We charge that trip to Europe on our credit card because “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Sometimes this mindset can get us in trouble, but most of the time it opens doors we thought were locked.

So get out there and try new things, dear millennial. Because even if you fall, we (your fellow millennials) will be waiting to pick you back up. We’re all in this together.

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