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Live Fast Live Young: Why I’m Knocking Out My Bucket List Early

Live Fast Live Young: Why I'm Knocking Out My Bucket List Early

I travel a lot. I quit my job if I’m unhappy. I make snap decisions because I don’t like to waste my time.

I’m realizing as I get older just how much energy I’m losing every year. I know that once I start building a family, I’m not going to have the ability (or the vitality) to road trip through New Zealand or blow off work for The Ellen Show. That’s why I’m tackling my bucket list in my twenties.

I understand that I’m approaching life in a somewhat irresponsible way. Trust me, my thoughts are constantly battling questions like “Should I be saving for retirement?” or “What if I miss out on a huge career opportunity because I decided to take on a Scandinavian winter?”

But, I always come back to the same conclusion: I may not get another chance.

While my fellow adventurous girlfriends are still single and ready to mingle, I can book a flight, text them the trip information, and know that they will be right beside me on that plane when it takes off.

Who else has a group of friends that will drop everything to jet set to a foreign country, no questions asked??

I’ve never been a planner and I’m anything but organized. However, as the years pass, I’m beginning to notice that schedules and to-do lists are growing on me.

I don’t like this new, more sophisticated side that is bubbling up inside of me.

While I still have a sliver of spontaneity left in my body, I’m going to squeeze it dry.

Sure, I’ll travel when I’m older… But I won’t hit up a nightclub until 6am dancing until the lights come on, and I sure as hell won’t wear the skimpy bikinis my body currently allows.

In 20 years, I will enjoy a glass of wine, a beautiful landscape, and the small moments of silence that a vacation away from the kids provides.

Live Fast Live Young

But not in my twenties. I want to live fast and furious. I want to embrace my youth with excitement, creativity, and just a hint of danger.

I don’t always want to know what’s behind door number three.

I want at least a few more years of surprise.

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