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Quitting Your Day Job: Advice From Women Entrepreneurs

Quitting Your Day Job: Advice From Women Entrepreneurs

So your mind is set. You want to quit your day job and start the business of your dreams… Well, I hate to be a Debbie Downer but I’ve got some bad news for you: millions of other millennials are trying to do the same exact thing.

But, before you start pouting, you must realize this… not everyone will actually pull the plug and venture out on their own. Are you all talk and no walk?

Model Falls Down

This business tactic is blowing up among twenty-somethings. I even heard someone say that “entrepreneurship is the new black” which has my head spinning with questions…

How do people pull this off?

What about health insurance?

Aren’t they terrified??

So, I decided to use my Journalism degree for once in my life and asked female entrepreneurs how they defeated the odds and made their dreams come true.

Here is what they had to say about making the impossible, possible:

“It doesn’t matter if everyone else doesn’t see your vision. What matters is you see it clearly and work toward your goal every day.”
– Jessica Durdin-Ruhl at The Mommy VA

“Look at your existing skill set and compare that to what’s available out there/ be aware of where the demand is.
Because the jobs market is competitive, I would suggest investing the time and energy into building your own personal brand and freelance if possible.”
– Katie Smith at WiFly Nomads

“Some of the best advice I actually received while carving my path was ‘Come on out the waters fine.’ Which at the time sounded silly but at the end of the day summarized all of it — taking the plunge into the unknown but coming out fine anyway.”
– Becky Mickletz at Remickz Marketing

“No matter how prepared you are, know that there will be successes, failures and unexpected shifts and changes. Everybody goes through it, but you have to be kind to yourself and go with it to get through it.”
– Shana Bearden Dewitt at Tipsy Studio

“For me, focusing on my “why” was important. There are so many decisions to make as you start your own business, that knowing why you are doing something helps you to make each decision in integrity and to build a business that you love.”
– Katie Snyder at Katie Tutors Math

“Having been laid off 3 times in my professional career, no job is “layoff-proof” one of the most important reasons I created my own.”
– Jacqueline Fisch at

“Being an adult doesn’t mean holding down the dream job. It doesn’t mean working long hours. It doesn’t mean bringing home a bigger paycheck. Being an adult is about hard decisions, about making the right sacrifices at the right time. I wasn’t being selfish by quitting my job. I was being selfish my keeping it.”
– Amanda Green at Mama Bear Green

It’s amazing to see how happy these women are building their empire. What do you think about the subject? Will you be going solo?

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  • Bel

    I’m seriously considering this thing and it scares me a lot. When I see stories from people who have done it. It makes me so much more confident.

    • Caroline

      Right??? I love hearing success stories. Everyone I know that branched out on their own are SO much happier.

  • becca

    “Come on out the water is fine” is my favorite. Fear can stop us from doing so many incredible things! Great post!

  • Candace

    I’ve always really been interested in entrepreuneushp, you know, working for myself is my dream but I just haven’t found my calling yet. I hope that I will soon

    • Caroline

      Well let me know if you want to dig deeper! I am a certified Life Coach and would love to help you find your passion. 🙂

  • Helene

    This is such great advice. I would honestly love to just focus on blogging, but it’s definitely a scary adventure to embark on.

    xo, Helene

  • Angela

    “I wasn’t being selfish by quitting my job. I was being selfish by keeping it.” That rang my bell. I walked away from a lucrative job last year to devote all my time and energy into improving my artistic abilities and market my work. My husband is not totally on board with me, though, and he gets excited every time I talk about applying for a part-time job. But with every application I fill out, I feel as though I’m betraying both myself and my family. I LOVE being home with my family. I love being available for them. My children are nearing adulthood, but they still need me. My husband needs me. And my passion for art is begging for attention too. I recently asked a friend, “Am I being selfish for wanting to stay home?” We don’t need my income to make ends meet, I just want my art to pay for itself, then pay off credit cards, save for the future, and have the freedom to travel. But I’m not only struggling with choosing to work for someone else vs. for myself, but also whether to give my all to art or to divide my time between art and self-employed tax preparation. I am an Enrolled Agent and worked hard to come this far, but I don’t enjoy doing taxes. However, my husband is all for it because I make more money doing taxes than selling art. So that begs the question, should I keep doing what’s easy, or should I leave it behind and focus 100% on learning to succeed in what I love? Forgive me for rambling, but I’m at a crossroads and really need to vent. 🙂

    • Caroline

      I totally feel you!! A lot of people are in your position. I think if you’re truly passionate about something and you put 100% into that passion, you’ll find a way to make it work… It won’t happen right away but if you’re motivated enough, good things will come your way. 🙂

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