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The Small Wins – Goal Setting Made Easy

For so long I was focused on the bigger picture and where my life would end up. Would I become an award-winning journalist? Would I travel the world by the time I was 30? Would I own a million-dollar home with Brad Pitt and 400 dogs?

I would make lists of HUGE accomplishments and then would repeatedly get let down. I felt like I needed to complete 100% of my goals in one day or do nothing at all. And that mindset got me NOWHERE.

Over time I learned that I needed to take some of the pressure off myself. And you should too.

Instead of trying to climb Mount Everest in one day, what are 3 little things you can do today to get you where you want to be?

Do you want to study abroad?
1. Send that girl in your Spanish class a Facebook message and ask how she made it happen.
2. Call the financial aid office and ask how you can get some support.
3. Apply for a part-time job to save up money.

Do you want to write a book?
1. Set aside an afternoon to sit at Starbucks.
2. Buy a journal.
3. Research creative writing classes in your area or check out free online classes (Coursera, CreativeLive, Lynda).

Do you want to run a 10k?
1. Walk to the coffee shop instead of drive.
2. Text a friend and ask if he/she would like to train with you.
3. Drink more friggin water please dear god.

(One thing I swear by is this super cute to-do list)

Buying a mansion in Laguna Beach seems like miles out of reach but updating your resume to apply for higher paying jobs is doable. Make a list of things that are TOO easy and build them up until you’ve reached your goal!

Don’t feel rushed to succeed. You hear things like “life is so short” and automatically think “holy eff I need to get a Master’s degree tonight or else I’m screwed.”


If you think it’s too late to reach your goals, look at some of these badass mofos that were “too old” to achieve their dreams.

Another piece of advice: tell EVERYONE about what you want to accomplish. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, the homeless guy down the street… I don’t care. Tell anyone that will listen because they will hold you accountable and they might even be able to help you! Read about the six degrees of separation if you don’t believe me. Network with enough people and eventually you’ll meet someone that could be your life changing connection. Also, don’t be afraid to share your aspirations with other people. Ambition is sexy.

Life is about the journey, not the destination.

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  • Maureen Moreland

    You need to be a psychiatrist…this is a great article. Love you!

    • Irish

      That’s more than seiebnls! That’s a great post!

  • Missy Thompson

    Good advice… Got my wheels turning… I need to take a class… 😘

    • Bertie

      Well done to think of sontehimg like that

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