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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Copenhagen in the Winter

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Copenhagen in the Winter

My travel buddy, Haley, and I recently spent a few days over Thanksgiving in Copenhagen, Denmark and absolutely loved the city. Even though we were freezing our bunz off, we enjoyed the immaculate architecture and the friendly people.

Here is my Ultimate Guide to Visiting Copenhagen in the Winter:

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Copenhagen in the Winter


Getting There: Traveling to Europe is cheaper than ever. We booked our one-way ticket to Copenhagen for only $226 thanks to Norwegian Air. A lot of people shit on this airline but we had a wonderful experience. I found this unbelievable cheap fare by signing up for Scott’s Cheap Flights.

On Arrival: Copenhagen Airport is very close to the city center so you can either take public transportation or simply grab a cab. We were so exhausted from the trip that we shelled out the extra $$ for a cab. Uber has been banned from Copenhagen so don’t even try.

Language: The official language in Copenhagen is Danish but don’t worry about not being able to communicate. We didn’t meet one person that couldn’t speak English.

Currency: The currency in Denmark is the Danish Krone (DKK) which is 0.16 to the US dollar. When I arrived at the airport I exchanged some money but, most of the time, I used my debit card. Shops and restaurants in Copenhagen actually prefer that you use your credit or debit card.



Copenhagen Marriott Hotel

We were lucky enough to stay at the Copenhagen Marriott waterfront hotel, just steps away from the city center and popular attractions. Haley travels a lot for work so she used her point to pay for our three-night stay. We were even upgraded to the executive level with a complete view of the city and the canal. We were granted access to the Executive Lounge which offered continental breakfast every morning and free wine, beer, and snacks every evening. This actually saved us a TON of money.

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

If you are looking for a budget hostel in Copenhagen and you love to party, look no further. Although we did not stay at the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel, we did stumble upon it one night while looking for a fun place to grab a drink. We actually thought it was just a fun bar when we walked in but upon further inspection, we noticed that there was a check-in desk right next to the bartender. I’m not sure how people get any sleep here with the bumping music and large crowds, but if you are open to staying up all night with travelers from around the world, I suggest you check out this hostel.




When you search Google Images for photos of Copenhagen, Nyhavn is what usually pops up. We spent an entire day walking around the most popular street in Copenhagen, admiring the colorful buildings, delicious smells, and the boats parked along the canal. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars to go to so you’ll never grow bored or hungry.

Tivoli Gardens

The Tivoli Gardens are a must see if you are visiting Copenhagen in the winter. The entire venue is HUGE and every square inch is covered in Christmas lights and fake snow (until real snow makes an appearance). The price for entrance is 120 DKK which equals about 20 USD. In my opinion, it is totally worth it.

The Tivoli Gardens During Christmas


The Kastellet is a massive, star-shaped park that was originally built as a fortress to protect the area. If you are on your way to see the Little Mermaid statue, then you will run right into it. Take a relaxing stroll along the moat and take in the views of the Citadel Church and an original windmill from 1847.

Copenhagen Street Food

You must eat at Copenhagen Street Food at least once while you are visiting Copenhagen in the winter. There are over 39 food trucks and counters inside one warehouse with live music in the evening. It is kind of hidden away so I would suggest taking a taxi if you are trying to go earlier in the day.



Stereo Bar

Stereo Bar is a great place to dance and meet people. They play a lot of American music like top 40’s and hip hop so you’ll most likely be able to sing along. There is a fee to check your coat but we found that to be true of most bars in Copenhagen.

Southern Cross

Watched the Alabama game at an Australian pub called Southern Cross which is located right next to the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel. If you are looking for a great place to watch American sports, this is the bar to go to. We actually watched the Iron Bowl here with some Auburn fans who were nice enough not to rub the loss into our faces. However, we did run into some Wake Forest guys who were the worst. I officially hate Wake Forest.

Culture Box

Culture Box is a fun bar if you want to listen to techno all night. It is a typical European club and since Haley and I prefer our music to have words, we stayed for about 10 minutes and bounced. However, a lot of people seem to enjoy this club so I would give it a try if you’re looking for fun nightlife while visiting Copenhagen in the winter.

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Copenhagen in the Winter

If you’ve visited Copenhagen in the winter, tell us about your favorite go-to spots in the comments below! Read my recent post on Why You Should Travel the World in Your Twenties.

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Copenhagen in the Winter

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  • Erin

    we visited in late november a couple years ago, it was SO cold. But it had a certain charm to it visiting it at that time of year…great tips here

    • Caroline

      Yes it was freezing but the Christmas lights were gorgeous! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  • Shauna

    Thank you for sharing your experience! It’s on my bucket list and I’m hoping to check that trip off next year!
    Great post!

    • Caroline

      You have to go!! It’s such an amazing city. ❤️

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