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Getting Along Abroad: Who You Should NOT Travel With

Getting Along Abroad: Who You Should Not Travel With

Traveling is all fun and games until you’re stuck with Debbie Downer 3,000 miles from home. Sure, you may THINK you can get along with anyone when you’re exploring a foreign country, but this is SO not the case. Before you book that flight, here are some people you should NOT travel with:

1. Picky eater
Depending on where you go, you most likely won’t be surrounded by your favorite restaurants and grocery stores. Sometimes you’ll just have to eat the food that’s available to you. This could be a MAJOR problem if the person you’re traveling with has dietary restrictions. If Sally doesn’t eat food with eyes and carries around a Weight Watchers book everywhere she goes, then you’re going to have a tough time with meals. Stick with friends that aren’t opposed to wandering in a random restaurant and ordering whatever they can read off the menu.

2. High maintenance
I’m no stranger to the occasional wardrobe change or 20, but if we’re about to go hiking in the Swiss Alps, you bet your ass it’s only going to take me 5 minutes to get ready. You should NOT travel with a friend who takes three hours to prepare for lunch, especially if you’re in a third world country like Cuba. Sure, you can get dolled up all you want but only if you’re going out to a nice meal or hitting the clubs.

3. Close minded
We all have that friend. Snooty, judgmental, turns her nose up at everything and everyone. Every man that speaks to her “wants to take her home” and every woman that compliments her outfit is “a total bitch”. This mindset will straight up ruin any trip that you take. Leave Miss Holier Than Thou at home and opt in for some more open minded friends.

4. Hates dirt
When you’re traveling in a different country, chances are you’re going to be a little grungy. When my friends and I lost our luggage in Morocco, we were absolutely disgusting for four days. It was 106 degree weather and we had no extra clothes so you do the math. Even though we were a little bummed at first, we quickly jumped on a train into town, bought some men’s swim trunks, and enjoyed the city of Marrakech. Our pictures from that destination look HORRID but that didn’t stop the fun.

5. Homebody
I’ve never understood this “homebody” nonsense but I guess I just get bored easily. I have plenty of friends though that can’t be away from home for more than a week. I am not judging these people AT ALL but they aren’t exactly the friends I would want to travel with. Booking a trip with someone who is a homebody could result in crying, phone calls to Mom every day, and possibly an early flight home.

6. Scaredy cat
Yes, I am terrified of planes. But this doesn’t stop me from jet setting to Europe every now and then. Although my friends and I can be a little TOO risky sometimes, we are always down for some crazy adventures like hang gliding in Interlaken. Before traveling with someone, find out if they are mentally prepared for the possibility of extreme sports, sketchy neighborhoods, or pickpockets. Anything can happen while abroad so you have to be at least a little brave to travel.

7. Lazy ass
Make sure you and your travel buddy are on the same level physically. Most of the time, there is A LOT of walking involved so be prepared for physical activity. You should NOT travel with someone that spends all day on the couch and can barely climb a flight of stairs. Trust me, they will just slow you down.

Although these details seem pretty obvious, you really want to consider each one before booking a trip with someone. Taking one disastrous trip with a friend can completely ruin your relationship. I’ve seen it happen. Before traveling with friends, take into account your compatibility especially in stressful situations. Anything can go wrong so you want someone you can count on.

Above all, don’t let this stop you from traveling as a millennial. Read my latest post on Why You Should Travel the World in Your Twenties.

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