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Woo Woo Wednesday: Losing My Hypnosis Virginity

Woo Woo Wednesday: My First Hypnosis Visit

As I was going through my life coaching certification, there was a lot of talk about the power of hypnotism. There were a few women in the class that were practicing hypnotists and swore by the results.

So, being the curious millennial that I am, I researched hypnotists online and booked a session.

The guy looked a little cheesy (like a wannabe wizard) in his Yelp photo and my excitement quickly turned to doubt. Was he going to put some sort of spell on me? Was he going to make me take my clothes off and do the chicken dance in front of a large crowd?

I had no idea what I was in for.

The day of my appointment, my nerves were going crazy. I had listened to sleep hypnosis recordings before but I had never worked with a real-life hypnotist… I was so anxious that I ended up going to the wrong building and showing up late.

When I finally arrived, I came face-to-face with the sorcerer and he was… nice? His presence was unbelievably calming and I was at ease almost instantly. He didn’t even have a pet messenger owl which shocked me.

Woo Woo Wednesday: My First Hypnosis Visit

We talked about why I had come in and what I wanted out of our time together. He took some notes, told me to shut my eyes, and then we got started.

The entire session seemed like 5 minutes when, in fact, it was 30 minutes. I couldn’t believe how relaxed I was.

If I had to describe it, I would compare it to guided imagery meditation except much, much deeper. For those 30 minutes, I was taken out of my reality and into a world of peace and solitude. It was amazing.

So, if you’re feeling stressed and a little tense, I highly recommend seeing a hypnotist. It is nothing like what you see on a cruise ship where the “victims” are forced to do outrageous things. Judging from my experience, it’s a way to delve into your subconscious and release some inner turmoil.

After doing some more research, I found that hypnotism has also been proven to help with smoking and weight-loss.

I have another appointment on Friday! I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

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  • Mel

    Wow this sounds so interesting! Hope the second session goes as well as the first!

  • Tamsin

    I’ve heard hypnotism is very effective as getting people to stop smoking and lose weight. It’s meant to be really good for behaviour change stuff – just have to trust the hypnotist I suppose!

  • Jan

    I know my brother stopped smoking after hypnosis. I’ve often wondered if it was just a placebo effect. Your experience is very intriguing. Thank you for sharing!

  • John

    Sounds like an interesting experience. Hope the 2nd session is awesome 🙂

  • Elizabeth Brico

    Interesting. I guess hypnosis may be just another one of those things that gets abused by the media. Maybe I’ll give it a try. Was it expensive?

    • Caroline

      You should!! I found a Groupon and it was very affordable.

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