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Woo Woo Wednesday: My Struggle With Christianity And Personal Development

Woo Woo Wednesday: My Struggle With Christianity And Personal Development

Today we are digging deep.

This post is going to give you an up-close and personal view of my conscience and it may even be considered controversial. But, when I began writing this blog, I made a promise to my fellow millennials that I would be honest. So, here we go…

My spiritual journey over the past couple of years has been a roller coaster ride. I have studied Christianity, the work of Abraham Hicks, hypnosis, chakras, meditation… You name it, I’ve tried it. I have always been fascinated with the different ways people achieve peace and an overall deeper meaning to life.

But recently, I have been battling conflicting beliefs. The more I attend church and participate in bible studies, the more confused I become.

For example, if you’ve ever watched an Abraham Hicks video, you may understand my struggle. Abraham Hicks is not a real person. He is a spirit guide that works through a woman named Esther Hicks. Before her speeches, Esther summons Abraham to take over her body so that his words of wisdom can flow through her.

Watch here:

Yeah. Mind blown, right? So what do Christians think about this?

This week in bible study, we spoke about the devil working inside of people to lure us away from our faith which made me think of Abraham Hicks.

This concept of satan also brought to mind the concept of horoscopes. The zodiac is based on a pagan religion, so is it a sin if I have the Daily Horoscope app on my phone? Even if it’s just for fun? How do all of these spiritualities intertwine? Or is that even possible?

I would like to think that there are segments of each spiritual branch that can go hand-in-hand. Every spiritual practice that I have studied has one common goal: to become a better person. If we live to serve others, treat everyone as we want to be treated, and maintain gratitude, then God will be happy with us, right? Or is Esther Hicks being possessed by the devil?

Basically, I am confused as f*ck. I may be the only one who is struggling with this issue and, if that’s the case, I would love some feedback!

How do you walk with Christ and practice personal development? Do you use different techniques to relax that include meditation or listening to guided hypnosis videos? Does God condemn us for relying on other ways to ease our pain and reach fulfillment? Comment below!

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  • Lisa

    Hi Caroline, thanks for your honesty. I truly believe there are many different personal development techniques we can implement in conjunction with our faith. Share what heals us and we can be the good in someone else’s life story.

    • Caroline

      Thank you Lisa! That is a great way to look at it. 🙂

  • Brittany

    Hi Caroline,

    A very interesting post! In short, NO, you are NOT alone 🙂

    I too have examined other religions — particularly Buddhism. I was raised Christian by my mom, but my dad is non religious. He is incredibly moral and taught me amazing work ethic. I always wondered if God would reject him for not being religious — even though he’s a good person. I think questioning is good. The day we stop being curious and take everything laying down is the day we stop impacting our world.

    Thanks for your honesty in this topic!

    • Caroline

      I love this!! Buddhism has always been admirable to me. And I totally agree, the questions and concerns are never going to stop… It’s all about the journey!


    hi Caroline, just found you on SBB. I’ve never heard of AH but just watched some of the clip found it Interesting – as a Christian but also someone with an interest in psychology I would have watched this assuming a multiple personality – but obviously i’ m not someone who could diagnose that – just what it looks like on first watching (with no context)! I guess for me the bible says things some are permissible but not beneficial – when there is no direct biblical precept for an issue I look to that idea. Is is beneficial for me & does it draw me towards Jesus or away? does that make any sense? i’m just thinking out loud! I write about faith, spirituality, life, psychology if you find it interesting!

    • Caroline

      That makes perfect sense! I definitely ask those same questions. Thank you!!

  • Kiki

    Hey Sweet Pea!(from former your neighbor Kiki)
    I don’t scratch to deeply these days but just have to say, as a Christian for just a bit longer than your mama’s been alive, I’m FINALLY,(decades later), realizing that God is LOVE, Jesus, in the name of God forgives ALL. I’m just now grasping that!
    It’s Mercy over Justice. (And that’s how the Dearlings learned to make prayer hands… Mercy.. right thumb, over Justice, left thumb!)
    You are awesome Caroline with your food for thought! Love reading!! ❤️

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